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CU R R E N T L Y      ON      V I E W


A Series of Paintings That Benefit Combat Veterans

BY  D E B R A   F E R R A R I

The Darkhorse Series was inspired by the brave Marines of the 3/5. One of my dear friends, a Blue Star Marine Mother e-mailed me a NPR story, "An Afghan Hell On Earth For The Darkhorse Marines" by Tom Bowman (Oct. 2013) about the sacrifices and bravery that this Marine unit suffered in Afghanistan in 2010- 2011. I was deeply touched by this story and inspired to create a painting as a tribute to them titled 3rd 5th Battalion Darkhorse #1. The 3/5 received their nickname from the radio call sign that originated from one of it's commanders, Col Robert Taplett from the Korean War. It remains their call sign today to pay homage to the Marines bravery in Korea. As a way to raise money to help support combat veterans, I will be painting 25 original Darkhorse paintings to honor the 25 Marines who lost their lives in Afghanistan in 2010- 2011 ( 200 were wounded and 25 were killed.)  As of 2018, I have completed 12 original Darkhorse paintings. I donate a portion of the sales of the original paintings and prints to help support the Darkhorse Lodge in TN, a retreat for combat veterans.

To make a donation and support our combat veterans go to Darkhorselodge.org.