Ferrari Gallery

Life Support


Digital Mixed Media
By Jeremy McKane
Found Plastic and Video
60" x 32" x 8"

Life Support is a Digital Projection on a found piece of plastic pollution that was drifting in the ocean for about seven years from Japan to Oahu. Across the surface you can still see remnants of microorganisms that have left their mark on the plastic. While most things decay over time, plastic is a material that doesn't break down, in fact, every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists today and shows us the harmful impact of our passive actions.

This digitally mapped art installation juxtaposes the beauty of nature, through the projection of ocean scenery and humpback whales, with an object that is not so beautiful. It brings about the concept of trying to contain the ocean, an idea that brings awareness to our use of plastics and how overwhelming it has become on the environment.

It is not too late to make changes in our daily lives to make the greatest impact on the environment, we can still design a way to get out of this dilemma.

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