Halim is an artist, founder and lead photographer for Watch Collecting Lifestyle. WatchCollectingLifestyle.com, is one of the leading global destinations for luxury watch content as well as luxury content around automobiles, food, wine, cigars, fashion and style. Halim was born in 1972 in Mexico City but grew up between Mexico and New York City. A painter since age 15, his work as an artist was first featured by the Latin Arts Association of Fort Worth in 2007. While early in his career as an artist he mainly focused on doing acrylics and oil on canvas, in 2010 he decided to start exploring still life luxury photography. His innate talent, lighting and mood, and his eye for composition creates breathtaking images bringing his creative vision to life. Halim is a sybarite that shows his passion for the finer things in life through the lens and his images, allowing the viewer to live vicariously through them. He specializes in still life, portraits and flat lay photography, all in the luxury realm.

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