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James Ferrari

Contemporary Metal Sculptor

James Ferrari is an American artist best known for his contemporary original  sculptures created from Ferrari car parts combined with other metal mediums to compose abstract and representational fine artworks. An Artist focused on high quality and design aesthetics, his sculptures take a great deal of time to create. This makes his work highly collected. James has an incredible eye for design and detail. He uses this talent to create sculptures to enhance the lives of his collectors and community by seamlessly combining the metal and mechanical worlds. For over 20 years, Ferrari's sculptures have been collected and commissioned for art collectors, luxury car collectors, corporate, private and public art collections. Giving a second life to used Ferrari car parts is always an element in his work. The majority of these found parts cannot be re-used on car, giving him the ability to upcycle and help respect the status of our current environmental conditions. Exhibitions include: The Concours d' Elegance at Pebble Beach, New York Sculpture Society, Naples Botanical Gardens, The Automobile Fine Arts Society, The Loveland Sculpture Show, and Art Wynwood. Miami


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