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Debra tells visual narratives of relationships between humans and nature. She illustrates these stories using realistic, contemporary oil paintings focused on the timeless unity between man and art. In the majority of her paintings, she uses Hermes scarf patterns in her backgrounds. She feels that by telling stories through her art will help us to understand each other, our planet and it's inhabitants on a more personal level with no borders, prejudices or boundaries. Debra is an award winning artist with exhibitions at Clatsop College, The Pace Center, Studio Door, Naples Art Museum/Studio Tour, Naples Botanical Gardens, The Academy of Equine Arts, National Cowgirl Hall of Fame & Museum/ 39th & 41st Induction Ceremony, Sachs 5th Ave, Art House, Space 39, Exhibition 1303, Broadway Gallery, Two Old Crows Gallery and Canyon Road Contemporary. Her work is in private collections in the US and Europe. Celebrity collectors include Jon Bon Jovi, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi.