Abstract, modern and representational bold sculptures, the works of James Ferrari who expresses himself through his passion for metal and cars. 

In a studio art class at Florida State University he turned on his first welder and has never turned it off since that historical day. One of his first works, titled Victory was collected by Florida State University as a public art sculpture for the Bobby E. Leach Center. The success of Ferrari's work is due to his ability to merge metal materials along with car parts to create modern works of art. In 2009, James was chosen as one of the most up-and-coming contemporary artists in New Art International magazine. He is an international and nationally recognized artist with private, public and corporate collectors. Exhibitions include the New York Sculpture Society Invitational, Art Wynwood, The Automobile Fine Arts Society, Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach. Public art collections include Florida State University, The National Museum of Collage and The Connor Group.


DEBRA FERRARI | Abstract & Realism Painter 

Influenced by her affection for nature, Debra creates original artwork that uplifts, encourages and inspires people and their spaces. She is a multi medium American artist who paints both abstract and realism oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, wood panels and wall installations. The styles are very different, but share a common denominator, the relationships between man and nature. At the age of 5 she won her first art award and was a common fixture in the art department throughout her high school years. While attending Kent State University, she was deterred from her fine arts degree to a business degree. After working in management following college, it did not take Debra long to return to her love for art. She opened an art gallery in her home state of Ohio. In 1997, she moved to Southwest Florida and started D.S. Artist, Inc and designed and created hundreds of fine art installations for the design trade and architects. In 2017, Debra and her husband opened Ferrari Gallery in the Dallas Design District. Ferrari's art has been invited to numerous exhibitions: Clatsop College in Astoria, Oregon, the Pace Center, The National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum and the Naples Art Museum. She is recognized nationally and internationally in public, private, hospitality and corporate collections. 



James and Debra Ferrari work one-on-one with private, corporate and design trade clients to collaborate and create commissioned works of art, site specific art and installations. 

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