Hotel Owners + Art = An Art Experience

Paintings, functional art… like the custom designed table and chairs in the picture above, sculpture, neon, glass, digital art, interactive art and custom wallcoverings captures peoples attention and draws guests into your hotel property. Guests will relate their experience to their visual experiences. They will share their stay with selfies in front of interesting art. Ferrari Gallery and Art Services keep design and create original and fresh ideas to help hospitality designers create an art gallery inside of public spaces. We are not just the art consultants but also the artists. We also work with fellow artists all over the world. We are expert collaborators with interior designers and local artists. We have an in house design team, graphic designers, sculptors, painters & photographers to conceive art installations and complete them on time for your properties. Call us for an art consultation. We will meet with you anywhere in the world. Call 239-246-0890 or e-mail us at