Mother nature is my inspiration. She surrounds me with colors and textures. I open my mind to her and she fills my creative imagination with limiteless ideas. From the ideas come the designs I create in silver, gold, PMC ( precious metal clay) and mild steel.


My cuffs are 18 gauge mild steel shaped, sized and patterned either by chemical etching, hand stamping or embossing. the patterned steel is then enhanced by using a propane torch to fuse 22 carat gold to the face of the cuff. I then shape the cuff on a sinusoidal stake and apply a protective finish coat.


I work in precious metal clay ( .960 PMC) to create my lentil beads, pendants and earrings. The raw clay is rolled, textured, cut and shaped. Once the piece is thourghly dried in a kiln I fire it at 1650 degrees thus alowing the clay to burn out and the sterling silver pieces to evolve. The pieces are then patinated to enhance the details of the texture.


I studied with Chris Nelson. Kim St Jean, Linda Larsen, Janet Alexander, Donna Lewis and Gail Stouffer.